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NI LabVIEW Student Ambassador Program

What is a LabVIEW Student Ambassador?


Engineering students with a thirst to learn LabVIEW and share that passion with their peers. NI LabVIEW Student Ambassadors serve as an important LabVIEW training resource, offering students the opportunity to achieve LabVIEW Proficiency and eventually, certification. This gives students a deeper understanding of the technologies and solutions needed to do modern engineering.

Applications due December, 1st




What’s in it for you?

  •  Leadership
  • Professional Feedback
  • Networking
  • Expertise
  • Recommendations
  • Resume
  • Job Security
  • Extra Money
  • Confidence, and More.

Requirements for consideration

•Genuine enthusiasm for NI and LabVIEW•LabVIEW proficiency (CLAD)•Comfortable teaching LabVIEW•Strong presentation skills•Thirst for identifying LabVIEW opportunities•Positive NI internship is a plus•Recommended by an existing LSA , academic contact, or manager•Submit resume, application, cover letter, and any letters of recommendation by December 1st. 

Want more information?

I.Visit the NI LabVIEW Student Community and start sharing today www.ni.com/studentzone

II.Visit the LabVIEW Student Ambassador Page and apply today: ni.com/lsa

III.Contact US if you have any questions.