About Us

Novatex Solutions Ltd was established in 1999 in Cyprus by a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic engineers.

Its divided in the

Applied Research Division

Novatex Solutions Ltd leaded by a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic engineers has has been involved in applied research and projects funded by the Cyprus research foundation and other institutions since 2006. Novatex has been actively involved  in the writing and the preparation of research proposals and also cooperating with both private companies and as well as government or educational institutions. Our proposals are unique and well documented with a high proposal success rate.

National Instruments

Novatex Solutions is the distributor of NI products in Cyprus. Novatex through collaboration with the regional system integration team and also Local Integration Providers in Cyprus can provide solutions based on National Instrument Products for a variety of industries including Manufacturing, Laboratory Automation and for Research activities.  The Integration team has a lot of experience and has been involved  in nnumerous projects in the region with  extensive experience in instrument and device interfacing,  data acquisition and analysis and graphical user interfaces (GUI's). Labview Certified Associate Developers can ensure that your integration needs will meet your higher expectations.

Green Products and services Division

PV Products and Solutions

green products-and-renewablesIn some countries the sun shines for longer hours than in others, a precious gift that can no longer be squandered. Cyprus is one of these examples: the annual solar radiation average in Cyprus is up to 2000 KWh/m2, one of the highest rates in the EU. So, its a good opportunity to really make a good use of solar power.

Scientific Instruments & Supplies

NOVATEX SOLUTIONS LTD employees highly qualified technical and scientific staff graduated from Universities and Colleges in Cyprus and abroad, with a continuing education and training on the latest scientific and technological developments. Our effectiveness is not only based on material values, but especially in human resources, extensive knowledge and experience. 
IT Division

NOVATEX SOLUTIONS was among the first private companies in Cyprus that offered Web Hosting and design services though a dedicated hosting website www.netcy.com. Today through multinational agreements it has rapidly expanded in many IT sectors with a familiar ability and proven capacity. IT division has been cooperating for many years with Blue chip companies such us INTEL, Microsoft,PAYPAL SHUTTLE, Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc..

robotstore opens soon


We are really happy to inform you that we have opened the first online shop in CYPRUS dedicated for robotics, robotics parts, electronics and more. for more information please visit www.robotstore.com.cy


Latest News


The CEO o NOVATEX SOLUTIONS LTD (Mr. George. K. Georgiou) coordinated the 1st EUROPEAN ROBOTICS WEEK IN CYPRUS held at the UNIVERSITY OF CYPRUS  (26 November 2013)

Workshop: NI - A world of High-End Technology



Are you a GRADUATE?
Are you an EDUCATOR?

Join us on 12 September 2013 9:30 am - 13:30pm 
at University of Cyprus, Kallipoleos Campus, Room A021, Nicosia, Cyprus



Public Consultation

The CEO of NOVATEX SOLUTIONS Mr. George Georgiou participated and presented the CARIE (Cyprus Association Of Research and Innovation Enterprices) ideas and suggestions for the upcoming HORIZON 2014-2020 at the following events

  • 13th February 2013 - Limassol Chamber of Commerce of commerce and industry
  • 10th April  2013  CCCI - Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • 17th April 2013  CYTA (Cyprus Teleccomunications Authority) ampitheater
  • 18th April 2013  University of Cyprus 
We are recruiting!

NI LabVIEW Student Ambassador Program

What is a LabVIEW Student Ambassador?


Engineering students with a thirst to learn LabVIEW and share that passion with their peers. NI LabVIEW Student Ambassadors serve as an important LabVIEW training resource, offering students the opportunity to achieve LabVIEW Proficiency and eventually, certification. This gives students a deeper understanding of the technologies and solutions needed to do modern engineering.

Applications due December, 1st


robotstore opens soon


We are really happy to inform you that we have opened the first online shop in CYPRUS dedicated for robotics, robotics parts, electronics and more. for more information please visit www.robotstore.com.cy


logo-manufuture-cyNOVATEX SOLUTIONS announces its participation as a founding member in the Manufuture-CY which is part of the European Manufuture initiative. Manufuture-CY is a technology platform which aims to promote industrial innovation in Cyprus.

Robotic Starter Kit at KIOS Research

DEMO of NI ROBOTIC STARTER KIT at University of Cyprus (Kios Research Centre) . The 2nd ROBOT is remote controlled VIA ZINGBEE wireless and a computer. The NI ROBOT (the LARGE, with the BLUE ROUTER at the back) is AUTONOMOUS. Its scanning the area using Ultrasonic Distance sensors in the DEFAULT configuration... More sensors can be added (IR, UV, LIDAR etc) and also CAMERAS obstacle recognition / navigation etc