Novatex Supports WEXHE Project

How can we better prepare our students for their future role in society?  Robert Wagenaar from University of Groningen explains how the WEXHE project tries to find an answer to this question, creating models and packages to help the students navigate the world of work EU countries have experienced a substantial increase in graduate unemployment …

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Novatex meeting with ambassador of Estonia.

Meeting with the ambassador of Estonia, Priit Pallum. At the end of the month 250+ Robotic enthusiasts from Cyprus will travel to Tallinn in Estonia for Robotex . Discussion was fruitful and included topics such as changing mindsets of the younger generation, future skills and skills gap and also business collaboration between Cyprus and Estonia.

Unicorn Project EU​

In December 2018 H2020 project UNICORN launched a contest to test and validate the UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform. After numerous applications, the consortia carefully evaluated the applicants and selected 12 SMEs from around the EU. The winners were tasked with testing and validating the platform by developing their own software or use-cases using the H2020 …

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Novatex At Excelsior

Novatex is supporting Excelsior project. The CEO of Novatex Mr George Georgiou presenting to members of the consortium and other partners along with representatives from the EU, services and other tasks that can be undertaken by Novatex. It was followed by an event open to the public in which the president of Cyprus Mr Anastasiades was present. …

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Novatex at Robotex (International Robotics Competition)

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WEXHE project presentation

Presenting the WEXHE PROJECT (Integrating Entrepreneurship and work experience into higher education) at the ERACON 2019 conference organised by the European Association of Erasmus Coordinators. George K. Georgiou on stage #wexhe #eracon2019 — at Aliathon Resort.

Visit to InnovAthens

The founder of NOVATEX Mr. George Georgiou (on the left) had the opportunity to visit the INNOVATHENS premises in Greece. InnovAthens is the The Hub of Innovation & Entrepreneurship of Technopolis City of Athens. For more information checkout their website