Novatex Solutions LTD VineFly GIS


Vineflygis Project aims to increase agricultural production by helping the farmers control the use of pesticides at the right time with the right amount. These are achieved by means of advanced technological systems. The main aim of this project is to collect statistical data by capturing specific types of pests by number of traps which …

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Novatex Solutions LTD Medfly TRAP

MedFly Trap

The Mediterranean fruit fly is one of the world’s most destructive fruit pests (over 250 plant species have been listed as hosts to this pest) with major economic and environmental impact in agriculture sector and for this reason is considered one of the most important agricultural pests in the world.   The aim of the project is the …

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Novatex Supports WEXHE Project

How can we better prepare our students for their future role in society?  Robert Wagenaar from University of Groningen explains how the WEXHE project tries to find an answer to this question, creating models and packages to help the students navigate the world of work EU countries have experienced a substantial increase in graduate unemployment …

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